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➣ Advance market research & complete infrastructure planning

➣ Recommended marketing campaigns, tutorials & business tools

➣ Personal introduction to a New York publisher for your book

For the past 33 years, Janet Switzer has been the “secret weapon” and strategic advisor behind some of the most successful authors and trainers alive today: 

Jack Canfield . . . Lisa Nichols . . . Les Brown . . . The Oola Guys . . . Jay Abraham . . .

plus 21 other New York Times bestselling authors, as well as renowned motivational speakers, top industry leaders, dynamic Internet gurus, and respected coaches and 
Now you can join them . . . with Janet guiding your career and helping you take action in those areas that will deliver the biggest return on your time:
◆ Get a publishing deal and become a bestselling author
◆ Launch a rewarding speaking career and travel worldwide
◆ Sell high-priced consulting time and book major training contracts
◆ Create media projects that generate money and prominence
◆ Become a social media influencer with millions of followers

Quick, Economical & Focused on YOU

Janet wants to help create career-building results for a whole new crop of emerging authors, trainers, coaches, and consultants. In fact, she’s set aside a handful of days each month to work privately with people like you who want to become her newest advisory clients—at a far lower cost than the extensive fees her celebrity clients have paid over the years.

This advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan—then execute on your own (or with the top-notch vendors, publishers, and tech teams Janet will recommend).

During private consulting time via Zoom, Janet will detail the exact steps to achieve YOUR goals for your authoring career, coaching business, training company, or media empire.  Before you even meet, Janet will review your business, your website, your industry, your products—even proposals and contracts you’re considering, if you like.

By the time she’s through, you’ll have a fully developed road map for building your business in a way that makes sense and plays on your unique strengths—posturing you as someone uniquely different and as someone the market needs to know.

Book consulting time with Janet and she will:

Identify markets who already want to buy expertise like yours (including where to find these clients, readers, students, attendees, promoters,
media outlets, and joint-venture partners)

Formulate a complete product line beyond your book, including high-revenue programs, training, consulting packages, and even certifying your own coaches (among 60 unique revenue sources Janet has identified) Click here for Janet’s 60-point checklist.

Connect you with a New York publisher for your book and help you craft a winning book proposal.

Plan your complete bestseller book launch, then show you how to capture these readers for even more revenue

Detail a powerful, but manageable online marketing infrastructure, including your marketing funnel(s), sales path, and product launch campaigns

Refocus your social-media marketing (including strategies to get others to market for you)

Expand the vision for your media career including media projects, radio guest appearances, podcasting, licensing, and more

Articulate your global speaking career, including your speaker kit, fee schedule, and speaker marketing activities

Janet will even continue the advice afterward by sending you sample marketing campaigns,
tutorials detailing her recommendations, and other documents directly from her own 
private archives, plus contact information for people she wants you to know.

It’s no wonder I’ve sought Janet’s day-to-day expertise over the years…she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people — and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others.


Originators of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles training
business with certified Canfield trainers in 107 countries

We love working with Janet. We launched a global coaching network with her help, and in the first month, we had certified coaches in 14 countries and all 50 states. If you get the opportunity to work with Janet, jump on it. She has our all-out endorsement. Five stars and two thumbs up.



Authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World
and founders of the Oola Global Coaching Network


We love working with Janet. We launched a global coaching network with her help, and in the first month, we had certified coaches in 14 countries and all 50 states. If you get the opportunity to work with Janet, jump on it. She has our all-out endorsement. Five stars and two thumbs up.



Authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World
and founders of the Oola Global Coaching Network

Do You Have a Half-Day (or Even an Hour) to Invest in Your Career?

Fewer than a dozen consultation times remain over the next 60 days.

If you want a business “road map” developed just for you—with complete details on how to execute, negotiate, create, joint venture, outsource, recruit, sell, promote, and more—Janet urges you to book your appointment today the advisory-client rate of just $1,000 for a one-hour consultation (75 minutes) or $3,500 for a half-day session (four hours) via Zoom. Both include Janet’s unique questionnaire and assessment tool, advance planning time, and follow-up documents.

Over the last 33 years, Janet has been the revenue strategist, marketing tactician, and career-maker behind many of the greatest names in modern publishing history. Since 1993, she’s worked to build Jack Canfield’s name, business, and brands. She’s been a major force behind the success of more than 25 New York Times and international bestselling authors— many of them repeat recipients of that title."

Janet's been the key negotiator in deals, partnerships, media projects, spokesperson contracts, syndication agreements, and licensing revenues totaling countless millions of dollars in revenue. Not only that, but Janet is a New York Times bestselling author herself and knows how to pitch, posture, and publish for maximum impact and major media exposure.

What Do People Say About Their Consultation Time with Janet?

“ I had been working on my book concept for nearly a year and a half and was struggling quite a bit. I was a first-time author, I had a relatively small platform, and I was still just 19 years old. Janet mentioned an agent she thought might be the right fit for me. Eventually I reached out to the agent and bingo! Two months later I had an offer letter from my dream publisher: Crown Business (Random House). Janet's ability to quickly understand my book concept and match it with the right agent in her network played a crucial role in getting me to where I am today. Thank you, Janet!"

First-time author

“ I built an internet empire from my single-room apartment to a multi-million dollar company. I read thousands of books and attended hundreds of seminars on business and marketing. But when I needed advice for launching my new book and information empire, I called Janet Switzer. So far, I added $250,000 to my bottom line as a direct result of working with Janet. I would highly recommend Janet to anybody who's serious about taking their business to the next level in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible. 

Internet Marketing Guru

"I took the suggestion you gave me during our one-to-one consultation about mailing a copy of one of my books to CEOs (mailed 250) with a letter. So far, that one mailing generated in excess of $260,000 off two clients and will hit $280,000 from those two clients by the end of this year. The $260,000 represents 19 days at client locations and phone consulting.”

Business Consultant


“I think I can safely claim to be your biggest fan here in Nigeria. Starting with the equivalent of $100 in start-up capital, I've built a modest-sized business that consistently generates at least $120,000 in annual revenue selling a monthly personal- and business-development subscription program . . . a huge leap from the $1,500 a year I used to earn as an economics teacher. All I did was implement the ideas you suggested. I was never confident in positioning myself as an authority on any subject. You changed that for me.”

Business Trainer

“I made $45,000 from my first email campaign—which was amazing since previously I’d been lucky to earn $4,000.  I was very nervous about whether I'd get my money's worth, but Janet delivered. Every goal and task I wanted was accomplished on that call and in the substantial follow-up materials Janet sent. I cannot praise Janet enough for her expertise and no-nonsense approach to marketing.”

Homeopathic Practitioner

“ Janet opened doors for me in minutes that would have taken me years to get in on my own. She has the most insightful mind in the publishing industry because she gives you step-by-step insider secrets that only industry leaders are using. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, you'll rocket ahead of the competition!”

Self-help Expert

“ In one consult, Janet laid out a complete marketing plan for my motivational speaking and publishing business that will guarantee success this year. She showed us how to maximize passive income, how to gain traffic to our site, and how to triple monthly revenue in the next 90 days. Not only did Janet give us exactly the strategic direction we needed, she’s inspiring. If you have the chance to consult with Janet, jump at it!”

Self-help Author

“Most experts tell you what to do. Janet tells you “how” in such detail and so many viable ways.  She puts you in touch with amazing contacts and directs you on how to approach them. I wish I’d known her 20 years ago. I’ve taken numerous seminars to help me learn how to market; I’ve learned far more from her than all
the others combined.”

Self-help Author

“ Janet reveals little-known behind-the-scenes insights, information, and strategies that not only run counter to what many so-called "gurus" or "experts" teach but that have the ability to produce results far in excess of what you can learn anywhere else for any price. In my 48 years in business, I have consulted with some of the world's largest and most successful companies and corporations and have trained thousands of people worldwide to start, run and profit from their own successful consulting practices. During that time, I've seen or heard just about everything, and I know most of the "players" in the business development, marketing, speaking, and consulting arenas.
 But I've never met anyone who has the ability to cut to the core of a subject, completely dissect and disassemble it, then reconstruct and deliver it in a way that they not only understand it and can act on it, but that they are motivated to do so, like Janet Switzer. She's a rare find, and once you lock on to her and follow her formulaic processes, success can't help but show up in your life, your business, and your bank account.”

International Trainer

Join an Elite Group of Highly Paid Authors, Speakers, and Celebrity Entrepreneurs

When you become Janet’s newest consultation client, you’ll join a select group of authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and emerging market leaders who have discovered the exact steps to becoming a world-class celebrity expert, published author, seminar promoter, and recognized expert in their field.

What specific advice will Janet craft for your unique situation?

◆ Markets that already want to buy expertise like yours
◆ Your complete product line from entry-level to higher price points
◆ Personal introduction to a New York publisher for your book
◆ Complete book-launch plan to achieve immediate bestseller status
◆ Marketing campaigns that sell your consulting time for $500 an hour
◆ Your online marketing infrastructure + economical vendors who can build it
◆ A plan for your speaking career, fees and speaker marketing activities
◆ Career planning for your media appearances, PR calendar + podcasting
◆ Ways to monetize your industry presence, social media and email list

Ignite Your Career as a Bestselling Author

During your time together, Janet will also reveal every fundamental you need to secure a publishing deal for your book that—by itself—could be worth your entire consultation expenditure.

To launch your career as a highly respected author (earning potentially millions after your book is released), how much would you pay? $10,000... $20,000... or more?

What about the details you’ll get on how to launch your own successful training business, a coaching company, a boutique publishing business, or high-priced consulting practice?

What’s it worth to identify joint-venture partners, sell high-priced programs, or launch a lucrative speaking career charging $5,000 per speech (or more)?

While Janet has charged up to $15,000 per person for private consultation packages, your consultation will cost just $3,500 for a half-day intensive (four hours) or $1,000 for a one-hour consultation (75 minutes) via Zoom—both of which include Janet’s advance research time, sample documents from her private archives, complete recordings of Janet’s advice, plus so much more.  

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It’s rare that Janet is able to take on new clients—and even then, she and her agency partners require minimum contracts with large monthly retainers. This private consultation offer priced at $3,500 (four hours) or $1,000 (75 minutes) is virtually the only way today to get Janet’s personal advice, guidance, and training on how to build your own empire of knowledge products, speaking engagements, consulting, and book deals that could literally catapult you to celebrity expert status in your industry.

To secure the first available date with Janet, click here. Or email Janet’s Director of Client Services at [email protected] with any questions you may have. Then get ready to build the publishing, speaking, and coaching career of your dreams.

Get a Professionally Written and Designed
Speaker Marketing Package

World-class speakers show up looking good from the very first point of contact.

Now, Janet and her team will research your market, develop a custom speaker brochure (PDF), and professionally design a comprehensive collection of additional documents to help you build your global speaking career.

Book your appointment now for a private session with Janet to discuss your speaking career and get started on your professional speaker marketing package.

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