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Janet gladly provides free career-building strategies, fully-developed marketing campaigns and other step-by-step information through her free checklist of 60 Revenue Streams for Authors, the How Experts Build Empires report series.

Ask Janet to Advise Your Listeners or Readers . . . FREE

Janet is also a popular guest for radio shows, podcasts, networking events, and other media
outlets whose listeners and readers are primarily consultants, emerging authors, coaches,
trainers, professional practitioners, and other subject-matter experts. Please use the “Get In
Touch” form above to send Janet a request for media-friendly content or a guest appearance.

Janet Works with Select Experts on a FEE BASIS

If you’re ready to move your career, influence, and income to the next level, you may wish to work with Janet and her team on strategy and deployment. After an initial one-hour or half-day consultation with Janet ⏤ which includes advance research, connections to people and resources, and follow-up written materials in addition to creating a customized plan for you ⏤ Janet’s team may quote a customized fee based on your project needs and Janet’s level of involvement.

To inquire about this option, please email your interest using the “Get In Touch” form above. Be aware that while Janet often works on a percentage-of-results basis, that option is currently available only to existing clients under contract. Her roster of contract clients is closed — so she, therefore, encourages you to choose the consultation option above. Read more about it here.

Janet Creates Strategic Alliances With Awesome Businesses

If you have a unique market advantage such as a sizable customer list, regular seminar
schedule, online bookstore, remnant media inventory, podcast audience, radio listenership,
infomercials or other channels of mass distribution, Janet would like to talk to you about
potential strategic alliances that could benefit you both. Please email Janet directly at
[email protected] with details about your company.


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