$3,500.00 USD

Please make your payment for the consultation using a credit card of your choice. Processing is done through Paypal, but a Paypal account is not required. 

(Bookings are only confirmed when payment in full is received. As with all billable time spent with professional advisors, the client fees paid, once used for a consultation or other services, are non-refundable.)


Half-day Strategic Planning Session (via Zoom)

Janet is looking forward to working with you soon!

What you'll get:

  • Review of your current career, online presence, future opportunities and needs via a detailed questionnaire Janet will send you

  • Advance market research and planning before your meeting with Janet

  • Four hours of focused time in a private Zoom consultation (recorded if you wish)

  • Follow-up documents, sample campaigns, tutorials and referrals to resources who can help you implement Janet's recommendations or expand your market reach 

Once payment is made you will be asked to complete some simple questions to allow us to get to know you and then taken to the calendar to book an appointment with Janet's customer service representative.