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This is the definition of great customer service: Constantly thinking of the customer’s needs.

In fact, you’ll find that if you pay enough attention to their needs, customers won’t leave you even if you (or they) move several hundred miles away.

How can you turn great customer service into instant income?

The easiest way is to watch a customer’s usage or purchasing pattern, then call to take their re-order before they run out of supplies and purchase from someone else out of convenience.

For example, I once heard of a veterinarian who calls pet owners just before their medications run out. Or what about the postcard and discount offer I receive from my car dealer just when I need to have my oil changed?

Assigning customers to a regular customer service person is another good way to create repeat business.

Dedicated customer service representatives can learn all about the customer, discover their business or personal  needs and greet them warmly when they call.

Not surprisingly, these reps make the best telemarketers for your special offers because the customer is more comfortable hearing from someone they know and trust.

If your customer service department is experiencing a slow period in this economy, it’s a great time to put them to work calling customers with new offers.

Help them change their posture today — from reactive to proactive.

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