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Rave Reviews and Testimonials

One of America’s most respected authorities in the media and knowledge-products industries, Janet Switzer’s high-profile clients have included Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series; personal finance expert David Bach, author of Start Late Finish Rich; motivational speaker Les Brown; underground business guru Jay Abraham, and tapping-therapy psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, among many other niche-market leaders.

Below you’ll find just a handful of her many satisfied clients and customers.

Janet Switzer is a highly sought-after strategist for lots of very smart companies. She’ll find a way to bring the money in when everyone else has failed… she understands budgets, risks, people and the bottom line. If you can get her to put you on her schedule, consider yourself lucky… but don’t call her unless you’re serious about making money.

Macrae Ross

Business Growth and Management Strategist, Hard Assets Industry

I once saw Janet produce a highly specific and fully articulated strategy — even dictating the beginning of a direct-mail letter — within eight minutes of meeting a business owner and hearing about his business. In just 40 minutes at my office, Janet provided me with an entire and fully integrated campaign for launching a new product to a market we were totally unfamiliar with. She’s the most creative and skilled strategist I know.  And her practical and proven programs boast an enviable record of success.

Nelson Dodge

Director of Marketing Communications, Xircom

I just had to email, because even though I’ve been in direct marketing for 20 years and have built my own million-dollar business, your course is not only reminding me of things I’ve known but haven’t done, but [it’s] also giving me amazing new ideas that I know are going to increase the size and profitability of my business. It’s truly a joy listening to each session and taking notes. This is one of the few programs I’ve purchased recently where there’s gold in every recording. And I consider myself to be a very advanced student of marketing.

Thank you for producing such a valuable program. I’m only through maybe 5% to 7% of the materials, but I’ve already taken pages and pages and pages of notes. And I haven’t even cracked open the other manuals yet. And already I feel like I’ve gotten 10 times my money’s worth. I can’t wait to get through the entire system. I just wanted to thank you for producing such a stunning package — and for offering at what I feel is a steal. Especially now that I’ve had the opportunity to listen to it.

Jeff Gardner

President, Gardner Marketing Group Inc.

I started with Janet’s course and made $45,000 from my first email campaign — which was amazing since previously I’d been lucky to earn $4,000. Then I scheduled a two-hour coaching call with Janet. I was very nervous whether I’d get my money’s worth, but Janet delivered. In fact, she spoke so quickly that it was really like four hours of material. It took me some time to recover from the amount of information, leads and specific advice she gave. Every goal and task I wanted was accomplished on that call and in the substantial follow-up materials Janet sent.

I cannot praise Janet enough for her expertise and no-nonsense approach. The consultation was tailor-made for a small-business owner like me with lots of start-up ideas. Janet gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Melissa Burch, CCH

Classical Homeopath

Janet teaches a strategic mindset that’s so rare. She’s taken the same business-building concepts she’s previously shared exclusively with her clients and cataloged them for the rest of us. This report will substantially increase your options as a consultant, industry expert or entrepreneur by detailing revenue centers you’ve probably never thought of before. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a complete road map. Janet’s approach to making it big is downright inspiring.

Jane Deuber

President, Direct Selling Women's Alliance

Nothing else out there even comes close to this report. Her unique perspective and tips will allow me to consistently focus on what is truly important to me: running all aspects of my business — rather than endlessly searching and wading through other so-called ‘expert advice’ out there that had always left me feeling under-whelmed and frankly, very disappointed at the lack of detail and quality information. Janet is 180-degrees different.

David Scotland

Film Producer and CEO, Marketing Experts International

In reviewing the accounting records of a company I was involved with, I was amazed to see that a consultant named Janet Switzer had earned that company over a million dollars in just 46 weeks. She turned a profit center that was hardly worth the effort into the most profitable division in the company. It immediately jumped from producing the company a few thousand dollars a month to producing serious cash flow. $169,147… $122,138… $150,849 were typical months. I was astounded.

No one in their industry had seen revenues anywhere near this high, and this company was doing it month after month! Their name recognition went through the roof. The whole strategy was brilliant, calculated, masterful and highly effective. Simply amazing!

Retaining Janet Switzer, and trusting in her strategies, was unequivocally the best decision they had made in over a decade of doing business.

Gary Handwerker

Chief Executive Officer, Handwerker Consulting

Throughout my career in sales and marketing, I’ve always realized the value of keeping up with the newest trends and methods, and I’ve spent close to $30,000 in courses, training programs and seminars, not to mention the hundreds of books I’ve purchased. I have just finished Janet Switzer’s program, and I’m stunned! It is without doubt the most practical, relevant and comprehensive system I have ever seen. I started using the strategies I learned from Janet immediately, and within 3 weeks of when the program started, I was doing 3 joint ventures, and building my own empire.

Janet reveals her entire system — from soup to nuts — and it works. Janet’s knowledge, insights and generosity are unmatched. Janet gives real life examples, success stories and resources, and tells WHY the strategies work. If you want to experience real success in building your [business], this is the only program that will take you there. It’s unlike any other program available, because you have a world-class marketer on your team.

Jan Wallen

Social Media Consultant

A revolutionary report! Janet Switzer gives you a candid and controversial, yet supremely common-sense, view of what it takes to build a thriving company. It will educate you on the distribution model and marketing systems that could turn your expertise into a worldwide reputation and multi-million dollar business. I hope you’ll read it with immense fascination — as I did. Read it, enjoy and prosper.

Michelle Anton

Former Executive Producer of "The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show" with 15 million radio listenersFilm Producer and CEO

Before purchasing Janet Switzer’s system, I spent close to $25,000 in training courses and books. But what was missing from other products I purchased was a systems approach. I have completed Janet Switzer’s program and for the first time, I was able to walk through a complete system that took me from “unknown” to expert status in less than 90 days. Her system is all-inclusive and goes right to the core of what it takes be positioned profitably as an expert.

Janet reveals her entire system — the what, why and when… and it WORKS. Janet has been the mastermind behind the greatest campaigns ever implemented and offers it all to you in her unique system. Janet is generous and knowledgeable. Janet has packed [the program] with strategies, resources, real life examples and success stories.  If you want to have a successful business, this is the ONLY program that can get you there. 

Stephanie Y. Oden

Stephanie Y. Oden

I’ve built an Internet [business] from my single room apartment to a multi-million dollar company. I’ve read thousands of books and attended hundreds of seminars on business and marketing. I’ve been around the block. But when I needed advice for launching my new empire, I called Janet Switzer. So far, I’ve added $250,000 to my bottom line as a direct result of working with Janet. I would highly recommend Janet to anybody who’s serious about taking their business to the next level in the quickest, fastest, most cost effective way possible.

Dan Lok

Best-selling author, Internet millionaire

There’s an old saying that those who can, do… and those who can’t, teach. Janet Switzer is the exception to that rule. Not only has she done it, but she has done it brilliantly for some of the very best in the business world. I became acquainted with Janet’s methods [and] wanted a personalized plan on what I should specifically do for my business. So I arranged for some telephone time with Janet.  

Because Janet first had me fill out a detailed questionnaire about my business, she already understood my needs and had a chance to prepare a detailed plan before we even spoke (no wasted time or money). Our discussion was detailed and her plan was very specific on exactly what I needed to do. She even sent me the recordings of our discussion so that I could re-listen to it whenever I needed to. I am now in the process of initiating her plan and I expect a dramatic increase in my revenues over the next few months. Thank you Janet!

Jeffrey A. Landers

President, Offices2share.com

Most experts tell you what to do. Janet tells you “how” in such detail and so many viable ways. She puts you in touch with amazing contacts and directs you in how to approach them. I wish I’d known her 20 years ago. I’ve taken numerous seminars to help me learn how to market; I give Janet my highest recommendation. I’ve learned far more from her than all the others combined.

Marilyn Harris

$176 brought in $10,000! And if that’s not big profit for a small investment, I don’t know what is. The secret to our success was following Janet’s advice to the letter.

Nancilee Wydra

Founder, The Feng Shui Institute of America

I just needed to tell you: Your materials are FANTASTIC! I have spent the past decade building my concepts of how to create an empire, and in just the first four pages of your BONUS document, you outlined so many additional ideas that I can use to market my business that I can’t wait to see the rest of what comes in your [next] package.

I have purchased many business development “programs” over the years to get additional insights, but yours is the best by far and includes actionable steps, specific tools and contact recommendations that are invaluable that others don’t include or even suggest. THANK YOU.

Craig Mathews

I have attended dozens of [seminars], as well as done plenty of Internet learning. I want to let you know that your material is the very most practical and useful of any material put out by anyone, by a large margin. I have bought your book for lots of friends, even my mechanic! I keep your book with me all the time and constantly refer to it. I thank you for your generous gifts of free materials as well. Everything you produce is simple, clear, to the point and on target! You rock!


In one consultation, Janet laid out a complete plan for my business that will guarantee success this year. She showed us how to maximize passive income, how to gain traffic to our site, and how to triple monthly revenue in the next 90 days. Not only did Janet give us exactly the strategic direction we needed, she inspired us. If you have the chance to consult with Janet or study her program, jump at it!

Lisa Brown

I am about 3/4 of the way through your book ‘Instant Income’ and I couldn’t wait ’til the end to contact you to let you know that… I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! Out of everything I have read recently on business, sales and marketing, I believe your book provides the best, most comprehensive, easy to understand presentation of strategies and techniques compared to any other author’s work available today. I should know, I read one to two books a week!

The information you present in ‘Instant Income’ is perfect for the fledgling entrepreneur to the active executive who will find nuggets of value page after page. In fact, your book has earn a place on my reference shelf… I will definitely be reading your book over and over. Thanks again, Janet, for all your effort and energy in creating a wonderfully informative book.

Douglas Potts

I just had to write and tell you what has happened. It is mind blowing. THANK YOU! I applied just a couple of things I learned from your London seminar and it’s unbelievable what has happened. I’ve gone from nowhere to NUMBER 1 on Google in less than a month. I would never have believed that something so simple could have such a dramatic effect. THANK YOU! Boy, am I glad I attended your seminar when I did.

Paul Sutherland

Our conversation yesterday was exactly what I needed — thank you! As mentioned, I’ve been in the vast outer space not sure what to do next and feel much more confident about how to move forward. Know that your willingness to work with me is greatly appreciated. After spending over $10,000 in training, yesterday was the first time someone was so direct and clear with me about what to do. I really cannot thank you enough.

Eddie Miller

I sent the email out this afternoon to 5,100 people. Christina just told me we’ve had 51 responses in the first 2-3 hours. I’ll keep you posted… Thank you!

Sean Smith

Janet opened doors for me in minutes that would have taken me years to get in on my own. She has the most insightful mind in the publishing industry, because she gives you step-by-step insider secrets that only the industry leaders are using. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a publishing newbie, get Janet’s course and you’ll rocket ahead of the competition!

Dr. Noah St. John

It’s simply incredible the amount of expertise Janet is giving away in course. But just in case you think it’s the same caliber of “free stuff” you get from [other] experts, let me dispel that theory right now. Janet gets hired by celebrity experts and famous authors because her marketing strategies work like crazy and her product-creation techniques keep them looking like rock stars.

Janet’s also unique in that she’s got the offline perspective, too. So she can help you build your career in every area of potential revenue — not just digital products. I trust Janet’s ability so much that she is advising my company on one of our most important brands being introduced this year. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Janet!

Stephen Pierce

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift of the program. It is truly one of the best and most important things I’ve ever done in my life. I have been a consultant for the past 33 years and have been mentored by some of the most highly trained people on the planet. Things didn’t start to come together until your program.

You have a gift of communicating a very big vision. Since listening to and reading your written material, I am thinking much bigger. I believe that this is a hidden benefit of your program. I was previously focusing on working with very small numbers even though my dreams and aspirations are international. Now you’ve given me a big vision and a way to form a doable plan.

I couldn’t see my way to achieve my dreams and aspirations prior to being in your program. I now have powerful tools to achieve my life purpose. I can now be more effective with my consulting clients. I use to sell my consulting mostly in 5 or 10 hour packages. I now can market a much bigger program toward a truly powerful result. This is truly a change of mindset.

My wife listens to your program when I listen. She loves it. We work together. We have struggled for so many years to get our work off the ground. Until I came across your program, we weren’t able to create effective plans to make things happen. Now we have more enthusiasm and excitement in our planning. This gives us a brighter future and it is bringing us closer together.

You are one of the most highly trained people I’ve ever come across. You are a gift to the world and those you work with. In gratitude…

Bruce Painter

"It's no wonder I've sought Janet Switzer's day-to-day expertise over the years... she makes me tons of money, brings valuable new products to my customers, enables me to do positive things for people — and accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others."
Jack Canfield, Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul®
"For nearly 12 years, Janet Switzer has worked directly or indirectly for my companies. From marketing development, core copywriting, to new product offerings... she is highly capable, extremely dependable and conducts herself professionally and credibly. A valuable resource..."
Jay Abraham, America’s Highest Paid Marketing Guru
"Her system is so powerful, the results will take your breath away. In just 20 minutes on a Tuesday evening, Janet Switzer gave me a complete strategy for boosting revenues in my company. By Thursday afternoon, we had brought in an extra $332,650."
Les Brown, Legendary motivational speaker, talk-show host and author of Live Your Dreams
"In a world that echoes with the dubious claims of thousands of so-called experts, Janet Switzer doesn't just talk — she delivers. Her programs make companies tons of money, while they leave business owners saying 'Why didn't I think of that?' She takes a little money, combines it with a lot of expertise and creates profits beyond your wildest dreams."
Michael Hutchison, former VP of Marketing for Tony Robbins
"If you've ever wanted to transform your ideas into millions in revenue from certification programs, home-study courses, boot camps, subscription consulting and other super-lucrative areas, don't you dare miss this opportunity."
Yanik Silver, Internet marketing expert
"Janet Switzer is one of the best marketing minds on the planet with a unique talent for producing profits I can bank. She’s easily made me hundreds of thousands of dollars with her simple strategies. She can do the same or more for you."
Mark Victor Hansen, Coauthor, Bestselling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire
"Janet Switzer combines industry knowledge with innovative yet practical ideas as a means to help Direct Selling Leaders take their businesses and teams to the next level. After hearing her presentation, I immediately engaged her to speak at Arbonne Canada's National Conference."
Stuart MacMillan, Managing Director, Arbonne International Canada
"When Janet teaches at our Business Schools in Asia, she is at the top of her game. She knows how businesses really make money, and communicates this in a way that can easily be understood and applied."
DC Cordova, Founder of Excellerated Business Schools® and the Money & You® program
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