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The Steps To Overcoming Unpredictable Cash Flow and Stagnate Business Growth

The Steps To Overcoming Unpredictable Cash Flow and Stagnate Business Growth

We’re familiar with accounting systems, payment systems and inventory systems. Not only are these functions important, they’re also the fundamental underpinnings of a well run business. And while most small businesses and consulting practices have these basic systems in place, unfortunately that’s often where the efficiency and management ends.

Here’s how to break through the ‘Traffic Barrier’

Most websites get 10-50 visitors a day. Boosting that traffic to 200 per day can pay off with new customers and tons of product sales. What most people don’t realize is that targeted traffic is the key to generating customers on the web — not whether you...

This Economy Has Made Sales Superstars Available Again

If you’d like to get more customers, but lately have been doing the entire sales job yourself — it’s time to consider bringing on a commissioned salesperson to take on this role. You’ll discover that sales superstars are easier to find than ever.

Small Business Loan Defaults Threaten Massive New Wave of Unemployment

Only two choices face most small businesses now, says Switzer. “You can cut costs and reduce the business to a shell of its former self–or you can re-focus your entire company on creating cash that will replace falling sales and begin a new growth pattern. Too often, businesses fall into a routine where the majority of the focus in on maintaining the business–not on growing it.”