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Spending Money the Right Way Can Bring Cash into your Business

Spending Money the Right Way Can Bring Cash into your Business

We like to think that every dollar we spend on our business will come back to us multiplied many times in the form of revenue and profits. Here are some proven strategies to those business owners who don’t really know where to spend in this economy…

Cool Sales Tools for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Companies.

Technology Makes Launching a Professional Sales Effort Easier Than Ever Before Even If the “Sales Team” Is Just You… If you operate with a very small staff or run the business by yourself (whether by choice or because of a limited budget), you can...

This Economy Has Made Sales Superstars Available Again

If you’d like to get more customers, but lately have been doing the entire sales job yourself — it’s time to consider bringing on a commissioned salesperson to take on this role. You’ll discover that sales superstars are easier to find than ever.

Are New Business Start-Ups the Only Path to Significant Economic Recovery?

A new business development manager will initiate — then manage — relationships with outside parties who can drive buyers to you or otherwise help your revenues grow. They can find new markets, source new product lines or recommend new service offerings, do market research, represent you in the field, recruit bigger joint-venture partners than you would be comfortable pursuing, create important strategic alliances and so on. They are not salespeople per se, but rather, they develop entirely new revenue streams for the business.