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A 40-minute Maneuver To Make It Easier For New Clients To Find You

Keyword-Driven and Upscale, LInkedIn Has Now Become the Established Home on the Internet for Finding New Business-to-Business Clients… And Establishing Yourself As an Expert in your Field If You Haven’t Moved Beyond Filling In Your Profile, However, This...

New Income Strategies to Get More Customers – And Instant Income.

You’ll get guidance in finding new income for your business, and it even includes sample ads and the templates for creating the marketing pieces you’ll need — there’s even an internal audit to get your business ready to bring on new dealers and distributors who will grow your business with new outlets for your product or service.

6 Ways To Encourage Customers to Generate Referrals for You

Most companies get referrals by luck, but a smart business owner will pro-actively contact his happy customers and ask for referrals to family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. Of course, any business can develop a referral program — including consultants and professional practitioners.

How can you contact customers and ask them to recommend others to you?