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The “Gotta-Make-Money-By-Friday” Marketing Strategy

If You Haven’t Reactivated Past or Inactive Customers, You May Be Sitting on a Gold Mine of Instant Income Too many business owners spend valuable time chasing new customers, when past buyers or existing customers can actually be a greater source of Instant...

Recapture Momentum In Your Business

The Business Plan for Making Money in Your Small Business.

I recently developed a business plan unlike any you’ve ever seen — designed specifically to help you and your staff implement strategies that bring in the cash… while at the same time, becoming more focused on establishing future income streams for the business. Forget about proforma numbers, growth projections and other “pie in the sky” business plan nonsense.

My Instant Income Small Business Plan focuses on the one basic necessity that all small businesses (including start-ups) need in order to grow and thrive: Ways to bring in the cash.