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Offers That Bring In the Cash

a “straight sale” offer is designed to close the sale and persuade the reader make a buying decision solely from the piece they’re reading at that moment. This might be a letter, a newspaper ad, an email… even a postcard. It’s designed to induce the reader to act immediately on what they read and make a purchase from you.

How to Write Newspaper Ads That Generate Cash-Flow

If you have a local business, one of the easiest ways to generate instant income—and create new customers at the same time—is to write a compelling newspaper ad today, run it in the newspaper tomorrow and watch sales and phone calls flood into your business over the...

Two-Step Marketing

Two-step marketing is a prospecting system where you break the sales process into two or more parts. It’s often the best system to use when the prospect needs to be educated before they will purchase, when you sell expensive or high risk products (investing, advertising, cosmetic surgery), or when it’s important for them to try out your product or service before buying.