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Work With Janet

Janet has five options available to help you build your business or develop your publishing project. Choose which one best fits your current needs.

Janet Works with All Kinds of Businesses for FREE

Because Janet can’t possibly work personally with every business that approaches her for help, she gladly provides free information, strategies, fully-developed marketing campaigns and other step-by-step information through various websites.

To receive Instant Income® strategies, small business guides, and other helpful tools designed for bricks-and-mortar businesses, professional practices, consultants and other non-author businesses, sign up for the free Instant Income Planner and strategy series.

To learn more about selling your expertise in 52 different formats via knowledge-products, books, speaking, consulting and more, get Janet’s popular report series.

Janet Works with Select Businesses on a FEE BASIS

If you believe your business is ready to take your revenue-generation activity to the next level, you may wish to work with Janet and the Instant Income team. A number of options are available:

  • Instant Income Worldwide will quote a customized fee based on your project needs, and on Janet’s level of involvement and other factors. To begin the process, please email details to Instant Income’s CEO, Dwain Jeworski at support@instantincome.com.
  • Janet regularly consults by telephone to small businesses of all kinds. Her hourly rate is $1,000 per hour for this service — which includes a number of benefits, assessments and follow-up activity beyond merely your time on the phone with her. Read more about this service.
  • The Instant Income team will overhaul your Internet selling system, including driving traffic to your newly upgraded website. Available to all types of businesses. Please email support@instantincome.com.
  • If you’re an author, consultant, speaker or info-entrepreneur, Instant Income’s team will build a complete “website that sells” for you — with Janet guiding you through producing the necessary sales copy and products we need from you to build an entire online business selling knowledge products that posture you as a leading expert in your field. To begin the process, please email Instant Income’s CEO, Dwain Jeworski at support@instantincome.com.

Be aware that while Janet often works on a percentage-of-results basis, that option is currently available only to existing clients under contract. Her roster of contract clients is closed — so she therefore encourages you to choose one of the fee-based options above.

Instant Income Creates Strategic Alliances with Unique Companies

If your company possesses a unique market advantage such as a sizable customer list, regular seminar schedule, online bookstore, remnant media inventory, television audience or radio listenership, catalog or insert programs, retail outlets, direct-response marketing opportunities, infomercials or other channels of mass distribution, Instant Income Worldwide would like to talk to you.

Please email CEO Dwain Jeworski at support@instantincome.com with details about how you think we could work together.

If You’re Responsible for Helping Your Dealers and Customers Build Their Business, Our Dealer Training and Customer Outreach Programs Are Your Solution!

If your customers buy your products or services to resell to someone else, your revenues are driven by your customers’ ability sell these goods and services profitably — then keep repurchasing from you.  Now, Janet Switzer can help you and your customers with support and training programs designed specifically to teach dealers, resellers, affiliates and others strategies for securing more business — by gaining new customers, leveraging joint venture relationships, conducting better Internet marketing, making ad dollars work harder, reactivating past customers and more.

Check out the Instant Income Dealer Programs and find out how your company can offer Instant Income Small Business resources as a customer appreciation program, dealer support program or member outreach program — delivering teleseminars, live workshops, e-courses, consulting and more.  When your customers grow, your revenues grow, too!

Additionally, the Instant Income series of books, teleseminars, webinars, one-day workshops, and multi-media training tools serve small business owners who have yet to develop sophisticated marketing and advertising systems in their business — and who may not even have their own in-house marketing staff.  The Instant Income curriculum focuses on teaching proven strategies for creating reliable cash-flow in a small business — cash that could be used to fund capital purchases, additional advertising, in-house salespeople and other expenditures that help grow a business.

The Instant Income curriculum does not require a large marketing budget to implement, but rather, introduces business owners to strategies that cost just a few hundred dollars to execute — or in many cases, nothing at all until sales are made.

Visit our Dealer Programs Page and find out how your company can offer small business resources as a dealer support or customer appreciation program.

Janet Welcomes Affiliates Who Want to Promote Her Unique Products

For details on the Instant Income and How Experts Build Empires affiliate programs — which include proven tools that convert opt-ins to buyers and make you look good to your customers — please check out these links:

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