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Direct-response copywriters have known for decades that one way to boost cash-flow immediately in your business is to write compelling copy — in your ads, sales letters and webpages — that causes the reader to make a purchase. But if you don’t have this specialized copywriting experience, you can still execute the Instant Income strategies and bring in the cash by remembering this key principle: Make specific product and service offers in your ads and marketing copy.

So many businesses say things like, “We have quality products,” or “We have low prices.” But instead of sounding like every other business in town, why not make an specific offer instead that has a sense of urgency about it and gets people to pick up the phone and call you to purchase?

If you have an air-conditioning service company for example, you could say, “For the next 14 days, we’ll install a brand new top-of-the-line heating and air conditioning unit for just $3,285 including a 5-year-written warranty and free replacement filters for as long as you own your home.” That’s a lot different from just, “We have low prices.”

Making specific offers like this is one of the easiest Instant Income strategies to execute because it’s just a matter of changing the way you advertise your products in print or tell people about your company when they call on the phone.

To help you formulate specific offers, take time now to jot down your most popular product or service packages, your most popular pricing plans, and any discounts that customers respond enthusiastically to. These elements — that is, the product or service being sold, the price, the buying terms, any discounts, the limited supply, cut-off date for purchasing and so on — are all part of any compelling offer.

Jot down what’s worked for you in the past — you can post your best examples on my blog to help your fellow small business owners formulate ideas of their own.

And if you still need help with offers that work, stay tuned for my next post when I’ll list the top 5 most proven types of offers.

Until next time,

Janet Switzer

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