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Most websites get 10-50 visitors a day. Boosting that traffic to 200 per day can pay off with new customers and tons of product sales.

What most people don’t realize is that targeted traffic is the key to generating customers on the web — not whether you have videos at your site or whether your color scheme is blue or green. In fact, traffic is one of those metrics that anyone serious about their online marketing should monitor closely.

After monitoring hundreds of websites of all types, here are a few observations from my web team:

1. It takes 200 visitors a day to be profitable. For some reason, 200 is the magic number. Most websites get 10-50 visitors a day, but those that get 200+ find opt-ins and sales really take-off when they hit that 200-visitor benchmark. Google can help you get these 200 visitors if you’ll make a few simple upgrades to your site to meet Google’s criteria for ranking websites in the search results. Other search engines (such as Bing and Yahoo) will rank your website, too.

That’s why we call these simple upgrades search engine optimization — the art of “tuning up” a website so the search engines can more easily find your website and rank it for consumers who are searching for your kind of product or service.

One of the easiest upgrades is to tune-up your homepage so that it answers not only search phrases that you have the ability to rank under — but also search phrases that have the capacity to deliver enough traffic to get you to this 200 visit-per-day benchmark.

When my team looks at traffic reports for client sites that are getting 200+ visitors per day, we find that just three to five search phrases — all within a topic or subject area — drive 40% to 50% of the traffic.

For example, if you’re a business management consultant who works with all kinds of small businesses, your first inclination might be to develop your website’s message, copy, offers and language for small businesses at large. But doing this means that you’ll be competing against literally millions of other websites who are targeting the general small-business category (including those owned by major corporations).

It’s unlikely you would ever show up on Page One of Google — or even page 20 or 30. You simply wouldn’t rank. But create unique webpages within your website that feature language, opt-in offers and blog content for niche categories — such as “management consulting for apparel manufacturers” or “management consulting for electronics retailers” — and you could easily get ranked much higher in far smaller, probably under-served and therefore more responsive categories.

But be careful not to go after niches that are too small. they won’t deliver the traffic you need to reach the 200+ visitor mark.

2. Those websites with 200+ visitors per day feature lots of good “content.” They have pages of descriptive copy about their product or service. They feature special offers. And they have opt-in offers to gather email addresses. They also have a blog or news section that gets updated at least once a week. And, Google loves good content.

Here are other characteristics we’ve observed about websites that are profitable:

3. The website is an active part of a business. The staff interacts with the website on a regular basis — updating it often. The website if usually used as a major part of the business’ marketing and lead-generation strategy. The business owner realizes that Internet marketing done well is one of the most cost effective marketing methods available.

4. Email marketing is a part of the strategy. Websites that see 200+ visitors per day also use a compelling offer on the home page to capture email addresses from visitors, then use email marketing to bring visitors back to the site with offers for products and services. Return traffic from consumers who are responding to an emailed offer can be a huge source of revenue. For those skeptics who claim “email doesn’t work anymore,” it still works the best when executed properly.

What else can you do to optimize your website so it achieves 200+ visitors per day?

• Tune-up your webpages to meet Google’s standards. Have the titles on all pages and meta descriptions guide Google to classifying you correctly. Add the free tools that Google offers – form a relationship with them… it does work.

• Create a search-engine-friendly sitemap so the search-engine spiders can recognize and index your website’s entire content.

• Target three-word search phrases that your website has good potential to rank for. Research the phrases to be sure there are enough searches each month to provide moderate click-through results (at least 1,000+ clicks). You can use Google’s free keyword-research tool here.

• Set up Google Analytics so you can track your website’s visitor activity along with dozens of other measurements of your website’s success.

• If you serve a local market, set up your Google Places page, optimizing it for the correct search terms. Google now lists their own Google Places pages higher in the search results whenever consumers search for local services. (You can read my recent post about Google Places here.)

A Website Tune-Up Can Quickly Get Your Website Positioned in Google’s Search Results

If you need help implementing the above upgrades (and more), check out my web team’s Website Tune-Up Service. For a low fee, they’ll optimize and upgrade your website to appeal to the exact visitors you want to attract — then give you ways to convert those visitors to revenue once they’re at your site.

The Website Tune-Up Service is designed for those who know their site could do better with professional search-engine optimization (SEO), but aren’t ready to commit to a longer-term SEO program. In fact, it’s perfect for small businesses, starter websites, and those that are not generating significant revenue…yet.

Your Website Tune-Up will be done by trained SEO specialists — the same ones who conduct our high-end search optimization. There’s no monthly contract to sign. And you’ll see results in just a few weeks as the search engines begin recognizing your upgraded webpages.

One client told us: “I can’t believe the results of the Website Tune-Up. Our traffic has soared and our business is seeing growth. We’re now #1 on Google France for Paris Rental terms” — Claire de Circourt, owner of ParisRental.com

With just a 30-minute phone call, the web team will detail how search-engine optimization can help you break through the 200+ traffic barrier. You can get details here.

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