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As a small business owner,  you realize that you are losing out on money you could be making from your existing business.

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money to get where you are today.  You probably put your own money into starting your business… you hired employees or established outsource relationships.

You spent time and money developing a product or service… and every day of the year you spend even more time and money advertising it, selling it and delivering it.

Along the way – without even knowing it – you created something else, too: Marketable assets.

Assets that don’t necessarily show up on your inventory or balance sheet.  Assets like your customer list, your relationships with suppliers, your advertising calendar, your Internet presence, the knowledge of your key employees, the sales pitch your salespeople use… and on and on.

I’m going to help you turn those uncommon assets into desperately needed income… instantly.

I’ll show you to the dozens of simple strategies that can turn idle inventory, excess capacity, key relationships and planned expenditures into significantly more revenue – with virtually no additional effort on your part

My goal is to show you how to:

* Sell more to your current customers

* Reactivate your past customers

* Generate new customers at no cost to you

* Increase your prices

* Lower your costs

* Get others to do your marketing for you

I am  sharing ideas and strategies, along with my guide of specific tactics you can follow to start generating extra income right away.

Best of all, it’s free – all you need to do is sign up for my FREE Instant Income Planner by clicking here now.

If you’ve already read the Planner, we want to hear from you! It will help guide me as I prepare a second Instant Income plan for you.

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