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Going Global With Your Business Can Add Substantial Revenues You Never Knew Were Available

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Into Relationship With People Who Are Market-Influencers Overseas

I’ll never forget the first month my business sold products and services on the Internet. Suddenly, we got calls, customers, and cash from business owners as far away as Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Israel, Dubai, Ireland and Argentina. Years later, the Revenue Report newsletter and free downloadable Instant Income reports are read by businesspeople in more than 80 countries–with product sales that nearly match that worldwide reach.

It occurred to me that your business, too, could benefit from “going global.” So I’ve dedicated this issue of the Revenue Report to showing you how to get started connecting to customers around the world.

Global Strategy #1: Decide if your product or service can be used, sold and shipped worldwide– and whether buyers in other countries will need it or want it. If you own a business, you should know that business knowledge, consulting services and advice are some of the most valuable and most exportable commodities Americans have. Take a look at the consulting work you do.

Are there people in other countries that need your type of expertise? How might you advertise it, sell it, and deliver it?

If you produce a unique, non-commodity product, can it be used and enjoyed by people overseas with different lifestyles, infrastructures, electrical systems, languages, monetary or tax systems, and other differences? If not, could you find someone to “localize” your product (or expertise) for foreign markets?

Global Strategy #2: Launch a website that “speaks” to the world. When you launch a website, you automatically become visible to the world. And if you want to capture business from those other 190+ countries, you’ll need to “speak” about your product or service in a way that’s compelling and meaningful to all–not just your local or national market.

What can you do to “globalize” your website?

You can add special pages on how to use or enjoy your products and services if a buyer is from overseas. Of course, it’s not just special pages that you’ll need, but language is important, too. Most global buyers–even if they speak excellent English–do not use contractions (like it’s, you’re and don’t). And most have no idea what you are talking about when you use idioms such as “slam dunk” or “drop of a hat.”

Be sure to watch the testimonials, examples and case studies you feature in your marketing copy. And add tools such as clickable currency converters, Babel Fish webpage translation, and JavaScript that allows website visitors to click and adjust text size to fit their (often smaller) monitors.

Global Strategy #3: Pro-actively seek out dealers, partners, distributors, licensees and other relationships with market influencers in foreign countries. If you sell information products or consulting, start with English-speaking countries and broaden your search from there. Do a Google search for companies that are synergistic with what you have to offer.

If you sell other services that can be “delivered” overseas–or a product that can be easily shipped–start looking for companies who already sell to their own customers a product or service for which you might become an add-on.

Many retailers and service providers prefer not to provide every possible “extra” that might be necessary to a customer–either because there isn’t a big enough return on the training and equipment necessary or because they could never develop the expertise required to perform the service properly. That’s where you can be of great help to such a retailer or service provider–either on a referral, recommended or sub-contracted basis.

An easy way to start finding joint-venture partners you can add onto is to make a list of every company in foreign countries whose customers would be perfect prospects to buy your product or service. Then, make a list of all the products or services that company sells–and which of your products or services would be a perfect add-on for each.

Add contact information to your list and regularly update or add to it. Then start contacting these companies, one by one. Use the telephone and develop a script ahead of time to help you stay focused. Assure yourself each time you call that you are speaking with the actual decision-maker. Don’t stop until you speak to that person.

In the beginning, offer to send samples or literature they can read to see how your product or service enhances their product lines or service offerings (and their revenues).

And finally…

Global Strategy #4: Maintain a global focus. Recently, I spent three days sharing ideas and strategies with my good friend, Dr. Paula Fellingham. In just three years’ time, she built one of the fastest-growing seminar companies in the world–holding over 370 women’s empowerment events in 152 countries so far this year. Yet rarely does she bring her successful formula to the United States. She’s found that greater enthusiasm and attendance levels can be found outside North America, where her information and training is eagerly received by buyers.

Though her programs are specifically designed for women, here’s the lesson all of us can learn from Paula: She didn’t start her company in the United States, then move outward. She focused on building a global company which also happens to do business in her home country (the United States). In fact, you can take a look at her market reach here.

Her next event in the U.S. is the Global Women’s Summit in Los Angeles, where women from all over the world will be flying in to hear speakers like mega-bestselling author Marianne Williamson, MIT Fellow and globalization expert Dr. Taira Koybaeva, experiential-learning pioneer and award-winning humanitarian DC Cordova and many other women thought leaders. It’s being held October 28-29 and I strongly urge you to clear your calendar for this extraordinary event (and let other women business colleagues know about it, too).

In fact, it’s one way to start making connections with powerful women market-influencers from around the world. I, too, will be presenting at this incredible global event. You can read more about it here (and attend for a incredibly low 2-day ticket price).

Going global requires a dedicated strategy and a take-action mindset.

If you’re a woman business owner, I urge you to move everything out of the way to be in Los Angeles October 28-29. It’s your most immediate chance to start taking your company global–and develop an all-important global business mindset.

Until next time,

Janet Switzer
Editor, Instant Income Revenue Report

Creative Commons License photo credit: garryknight

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