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A two-step offer that convinces someone to take the next step — to call for more information or to click through to a website or to schedule an appointment with a sales representative — will be successful only if the “next step” item is valuable and appealing — and actually converts the prospect into a cash-paying customer.

What can you offer?

• A free teleseminar about a controversial new law or other matter that affects the prospect’s livelihood, lifestyle, health or career. You can also record the telseminar and make that recording available for download at your website for future prospects.

• A free audio CD or DVD explaining a new process or service. You can also sell the CD as a $9.95 sampler product.

A free printed special report—or less expensively, a colorful PDF file you can email to them (or have them download at your website) once they identify themselves to you.

• A free sample monthly issue of your ezine or other periodical.

A free buyer’s guide that helps the prospect compare all suppliers of a particular item or service—written in such a way that your product or service ranks near the top. You can easily create this document using colorful graphics, then distill it into a PDF file for easy, free delivery via email.

• A free 14-day business short-course on a specific topic—delivered via email using an autoresponder service.

A free weekend seminar or evening workshop where you present an expensive service or consulting package for sale.

• A free evaluation by one of your specialists (who are, in reality, trained salespeople).

A free session with your assessment team to see if the prospect qualifies to become your client or customer.  If you have a high-profile consulting practice, sell exclusive dealerships by territory or otherwise limit whom you sell to, you can run a “see if you qualify” campaign to sift through prospects and choose only those you really want to work with. This technique also works to instantly boost sales from these prospects because it employs what’s called the “take-away” close.   It sets up the notion in the prospect’s mind that they might not be able to have what you’re offering. And how do people react when they think they can’t have something? They want it even more.

Of course, income from two-step campaigns is not as “instant” as other income, but it often gets generated more easily.

When you do the advance work of getting people to contact you for more information or to get something free or to see if they qualify, you completely change the sales dynamic and make it much easier to sell to these leads.

An especially good technique is the “see if you qualify” offer, since it often turns the tables and causes the prospect to start convincing you to let them buy what you’re offering.

Two-step campaigns, while more time-consuming, can also help you sell to a larger percentage of readers than you might by advertising your entire offer and your big price tag—which you can’t possibly explain or justify in a limited display ad space.

These campaigns very often save on advertising dollars, too, since you can run a much smaller ad or mail a short letter with a compelling headline and a few lines of marketing copy—ending with an invitation to “call or click” (by telephoning or visiting your website).

Are you enjoying this continuing series of proven Instant Income methods?

Then, tell me about your idea for a two-step campaign: Do you have questions about what to talk about in your ad? Want to ask about crafting your conversion package? Have you tried a two-step campaign before but experienced difficulty I can help you with?

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